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About Us

Welcome to Frame Illusioner, where we mix creativity and cool 3D vibes! We're not just a studio; think of us as a bunch of art-loving folks, animators, and dreamers ready to bring your ideas to life in the awesome world of 3D. Our crew of talented artists and animators team up to turn your thoughts into visually stunning and emotionally gripping animated adventures. Let's make some magic together! 🚀✨

In 2019, a group of colleagues came together to initiate a small studio. Over the subsequent years, we encountered numerous challenges that became stepping stones for our growth and skill enrichment. However, this narrative only scratches the surface of our journey. Consistently surpassing client expectations and consistently excelling in our work, we've reached a point where we are prepared to take on even more formidable projects and innovative ideas. This marks our evolution towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

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What We Offer


We specialize in delivering cutting-edge 3D animation services across diverse sectors, including the film and television industry. Our core expertise lies in the realm of 3D animation, where we passionately craft captivating visual narratives. Within our philosophy, we hold the belief that the art of acting plays a pivotal role in the effective storytelling process.


Animation is an indispensable element in the gaming industry, contributing significantly to immersive experiences. Our focus lies in delivering top-notch cycles and animations specifically tailored for gaming trailers, cutscenes, and visuals, enhancing the overall gaming narrative and engagement.


Motion capture stands out as a game-changer in the realm of 3D animation, offering numerous advantages for both movies and games. Leveraging MOCAP data, we excel in delivering animations that strike the perfect balance between realism and stylized creativity.


Facial motion capture, the electronic translation of facial movements, is a pivotal process. Recognizing the fundamental role expressions play in both acting and animation, we integrate facial capture data into our repertoire. This enriches our ability to elevate performances in both the realms of movies and games.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of the animation industry, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. We strive to be the go-to destination for those seeking unparalleled expertise in 3D animation. As a total of four pillar of thoughts, We aim to paint a global tapestry of visually stunning and emotionally resonant animations.

Our animators bring over a decade of experience, ensuring top-notch quality in every project.
We thrive on pushing creative boundaries and staying ahead of industry trends.
We believe in collaborative partnerships, working closely with our clients to bring their visions to life.
Animation is not just a job for us; it's a passion that drives us to deliver exceptional results.

Few of our work

Project 1
Tarak Mehta Ka Chota Chashmah
Project 1
Rudra Boom Chik Chik Boom
Project 1
Super Bheem
Project 1
Pinaki & Happy The Bhoot Bandhus
Project 1
The Adventures Of Little Penguin
Project 1
The Pandavas
Project 1
Motu Patlu
Project 1

We have worked with

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Company 3

Meet Our Team

Team Member 1

Nabanita Das


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Team Member 2

Subhendu Chatterjee


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Team Member 3

Pratap Das

Project Director

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Team Member 4

Tanmay Das

Production In-Charge

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